Friday, July 8, 2011


The month of June was OK, I really have not felt major differences. But in all honestly other than adding some oils to my daily routine, i have not changed anything.

I am struggling. I want a pill that makes it all go away, the fat, the cellulite, the belly, and most of all the cravings.

I have been really thin before (what I mean is I have been where i wanted to be thin wise). it is HARD work to get there, not only is the gym a daily occurance but so is avoidance. I denied myself so many things in the name of "Skinny". My fridge has a saying on it...

"Nothing tastes as good as SKINNY feels."

To a point yes, but...Really. I love food. it is a dilemma that will continue to be worked on through out this year.

I stop nursing the end of this month, so I bet things will really kick into gear then. As for now I continue to try to erase my chalk board, starting with the inner pipes of my body.. I am hoping that this helps me maintain when i start to actually shed pounds?

Wish me luck

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I should put a disclaimer on this entire blog, I am not going to sensor. All the gross, nasty bodily functions/feelings/ and attitudes are going to be posted.

I have been using the oils for a little over a week, and I am feeling the motion moving. My bowels and GI track have been neglected and ignored for a long while and I envision these essential oils working and pushing all the backup junk OUT!

My stomach has felt a little like a construction ZONE! I need to get pictures up. That is my goal this week.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The plan, I have broken down my entire year. I want this to work and I understand that results and changes are not going to happen over night.

June-September, I can not do anything to extreme because I am nursing, anything I will do would be healthy and appropriate for my body. I am not looking to do anything drastic. Three days a week I run, and the other days I don't not can't, don't have to. I am busy and have a crazy life and schedule. I want to be healthy but I don't take the time in my day to work out. Three days a week is an obtainable goal.

I also started two different Essential regiments the first is GX Assist. It is amazing, briefly
  • "a proprietary combination of Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils and caprylic acid, that help support a healthy digestive tract by creating an unfriendly environment for potentially harmful pathogens that can disrupt digestive immunities and cause digestive upset. GX Assist is formulated with therapeutic-grade oregano, melalueca, lemon, lemongrass, peppermint and thyme essentials oils that have been demonstrated to have in-vitro antimicrobial properties. GX Assist also includes caprylic acid that has been traditionally used as for its specific health-supporting properties in the gut.
The GX Assist is followed by the PX Assist which is
  • a potent blend of friendly probiotic microorganisms guaranteed to provide a minimum of 1 billion CFUs (colony-forming units) of live bacteria per dose. Delivered in a patented, time-release beadlet, shown in clinical studies to protect sensitive microflora from stomach acid for release in the intestine, PB Assist combines cutting-edge enteric-release technology with five proprietary strains of probiotic microorganisms that support healthy digestive functions and immunities. PB Assist is safe for use by all members of your family.
These two will be taken every three months for a full cycle. That is 10 days of GX followed by 5 days of PB.

The other one I am starting now is Zendocrine, it is
  • a proprietary blend of whole-food extracts formulated to support the healthy cleansing and filtering functions of the liver, kidneys, colon, lungs, and skin. Each whole-food botanical extract was selected specifically to support organ capacity to both provide protective cleansing and filtering functions for the body and to support the organ's own capacity to rid itself of stored toxic waste products. Zendocrine also uses a patented enzyme assimilation system to help with whole-food extract absorption and is packaged in SLS-free vegetable capsule.
The best thing about these two things are they are 100% natural, and completely safe to take while I am nursing. Because we are on the tail end of nursing the peppermint that could potentially dry up my milk suppply is not something I am worried about. If you want a full breakdown of these three oils I am consuming just click on their names, they have been linked to more indeapth information.

I am excited to starting feeling healthy again.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

A new chalkboard

We have all seen a chalk board after it has been written on and erased from so many times that a very nice THICK layer of gunck sits on the top of the board.
I feel this a really great analogy for my body right now. It has been wiped "clean" time and time again, and although it is still working, and it is still a great body, it is dirty and guncky.

So my plan is to change this. I am going to make my body look like this.

I believe that there is gunck and nasty things in my body that need to be cleaned. I need to try to repair and take some time bringing my body back to this state of cleanliness.

How am I planning on doing this you ask?

I have a twelve month plan, lots of support and some essential oils to help my body become this amazing clean chalk board again.

I need to say this...I am not doing this to loose weight, I am not doing this in an attempts to find a quick painless solution to all my bodily problems. I am doing this to help my long term health and to help change my lifestyle.

I will post once a month (except this month there will be two possibly three posts) each month will have my thoughts feelings and ideas. They will also include my research and techniques.

Wish me luck blogger world! I am so excited!

The next post will include my monthly breakdown and possibly some before pics.