Friday, July 8, 2011


The month of June was OK, I really have not felt major differences. But in all honestly other than adding some oils to my daily routine, i have not changed anything.

I am struggling. I want a pill that makes it all go away, the fat, the cellulite, the belly, and most of all the cravings.

I have been really thin before (what I mean is I have been where i wanted to be thin wise). it is HARD work to get there, not only is the gym a daily occurance but so is avoidance. I denied myself so many things in the name of "Skinny". My fridge has a saying on it...

"Nothing tastes as good as SKINNY feels."

To a point yes, but...Really. I love food. it is a dilemma that will continue to be worked on through out this year.

I stop nursing the end of this month, so I bet things will really kick into gear then. As for now I continue to try to erase my chalk board, starting with the inner pipes of my body.. I am hoping that this helps me maintain when i start to actually shed pounds?

Wish me luck

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